Room of the Month – July 2016

Aug 1, 2016

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month – July 2016

Madalyn Larkin in Wilmot Creek, Newcastle

When we first started working with Madalyn in 2011, she had found out about us in the Wilmot Creek Newsletter. First she wanted to change up her bedroom, and then the fun grew to change up her whole home. As people debate whether to buy a new home or to update their existing home, we can help create the excitement of a new space in your existing home without the effort of packing up and moving. The most recent work we did was when Madalyn wanted everything in her kitchen redone except for the cupboards. The counter was pulling away from the wall and now it was the time to redo it all.

Sensational Solutions:

Wilma designed the countertop, backsplash, flooring, sink and faucets to all coordinate together with her existing cupboards. The countertop featured a shimmering crystal look that had beautiful edges to wrap around the sink. She was very happy with the light colours and the under cabinet lighting as she wanted as much light as possible in the kitchen.

In the bedroom, she wanted bedding that was more comfortable with not too many cushions. They chose a delicate gold fabric with turquoise features in the embroidery. The drapery was designed to remain stationary while the HunterDouglas shade was created to allow the light to enter from the top of the window but provide privacy at the bottom of the window with the top-down bottom-up characteristic.Wilma enjoyed selecting with Madalyn, her most cherished artwork. As Madalyn comes from a family of painters including her great-grandmother, she was excited to have the lamb painting featured right above her bed along with more special pieces.

The laundry room was another beautiful transformation. She wanted cupboards that were slim enough to allow her to still open the furnace door. Wilma’s selection of cupboards maximized the amount of storage space in the room.

The ensuite and main bathrooms were stunning changes! The counter was coming away from the wall and after 23 years, it needed refreshing. When she moved in many years ago, there were fluorescent lights in the bathroom. Now she wanted them to go as the light was harsh in that space. Wilma chose fixtures that still provided the bright light that she wanted but with light fixtures that gave softer lighting. As silk floral arrangements as decor were a great love of Madalyn’s, Wilma had exquisite silk arrangements made for her that incorporated the flowing colours of Madalyn’s needlepoint creations. Wilma had great fun in choosing new artwork to go with her crafted pieces to tie the room all together.

Point of View:

“When the installation was completed I felt uplifted. I felt that the place was really much more presentable and I felt more comfortable with it being nice. I was thinking of moving into a condo but I really love the backyard, bird feeder, green space, and the layout of my home. Now I don’t have to move for at least another 5 years! And now my home is good for resale. I am really pleased with how it turned out. The project was well-orchestrated and it all was done in a reasonable time!”