Seams to Me It’s Time to Get Your Home Ready for Great Memories

So often I am called into a home where the painting is complete, the new furniture has arrived and is set in its place. All the accessories are carefully displayed, but something still “seams” to be missing.

Window treatments soften the look of a room, bring all your colours and plans together, and add much needed privacy for evening comfort.

Window Treatments are Our Specialty!

Soft, Soothing Colours

Soft colours that sooth and relax, mixed with gentle textures that add subtle design are the perfect way to end the busy day.

Roman Shades

Relaxed Roman Shades in fabulous patterns, one of the top window treatment fashions shown in many magazines and model homes.


Don’t be afraid of colour – used in the right proportions – it can be fun & stunning at the same time!

Are you looking for soft colours that sooth and relax, gentle textures that add subtle design, or bold prints that bring out personality and flare? Wilma has a Sensational Solution for you. Give us a call today 905-987-4272 to complete your room before the holidays.