Ready to update your space?

It seams to me we become so familiar with our surroundings, that sometimes we don’t know where to start or what to do. Are you ready to embrace change and see a different way of living in your home?
Spring is coming, and the fresh and vibrant colours that await us can inspire some great home updates. Window Treatments are the perfect place to start. They can be simple and functional or creative and luxurious. Every room needs a friend…and the friend in your room is fabric. Selecting a fabric you love can inspire an entire room. It adds dimension to blinds and shades, and perfects a designer look with softness, colour and possibly pattern. Always select your fabrics first for window treatments and furniture, then carpet and flooring, and finally your paint and wallpaper colour.

Boost your mood

The new fabric collections have embroidered floral & geometric designs, bold stripes, and several colour waves to suite anyone’s preference. Linen fabrics are soft and natural, and Cotton is blended with Polyester for durability. This combination shows fresh yellow which reminds us of Spring, the colour of the sun, and signifies good faith and confidence. It improves concentration and sharpens memory, therefore making it an ideal colour for the study, home office and children’s rooms. It also promotes harmony, making it a great addition for kitchens, where family and friends gather. Blue gives a calming and relaxing feel, said to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate, making it ideal for bedrooms and spa bathroom. Blue also encourages relaxation in social areas such as living rooms and family rooms.

Your business means a great deal to me and I am excited to give you a FREE* Decorative pillow with your custom fabric window treatment.

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