Like any other products, there are myths circulating about Window treatments. Sadly, some of these myths become so common that some people think that they are true, which is why stepping out to buy those dream window blinds often turns into nerve-wracking experience.

To ensure that homeowners get the best from the window treatments when they’re searching for the perfect blinds and shades, we at Sensational SEAMS have debunked a few myths.

Myth 1: Decorators are expensive.

In fact, they are very efficient. Instead of going from store to store searching, buying, bringing home and returning, they save you time and money on products that you may not even realize is available, products that will last with longevity and get the right thing the first time

Myth 2: You can do it yourself.

If you were trying to impress and have a great big dinner, you don’t serve a quick Dinner or go to a fast food restaurant and expect that quality. It’s the same with window treatments. Window treatment specialists are creative and pay special attention to the details, matching fabrics, consider the pattern placement to the best advantage and come up with one of a kind solutions made just for you

Myth 3: All treatments have to be done simultaneously.

No, they don’t. Clients often think that all the window treatments have to be done at once. However, you can do it one room or layer at a time. In addition, clients will settle for a window treatment that will only solve one problem or be a temporary solution. Years later they still have what they never really liked and still did not solve all the lighting or heat problems. An expert looks at the whole problem and comes up with the best solution, usually with multiple treatments to solve all the problems with lasting efficiency and happiness.

Myth 4: Remote control is expensive and not necessary.

In reality, prices of remote-controlled treatments have actually dropped and are the smart way to be energy efficient, add security when you are not home, or when your children are home alone, and simplify your life. Remember having to get out of your car to open the garage door, no one does that anymore

Myths will always exist but to dispel doubts and help you get the best window treatments, get in touch with Sensational SEAMS. We provide customized draperies and blinds for both individual residential and commercial clients throughout the Clarington & Durham Regions. If you have any questions about services we offer at Sensational SEAMS, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.