Room of the Month – December 2017

Jan 2, 2018

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– December 2017

John & Becky Thistle, Newcastle

“Reno time!” John and Becky were renovating their television room. They felt it was time for a complete makeover so everything went, including their existing blinds. After first meeting Wilma at an event for the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, they invited her to see what options there were to suit their television room.

This room brought its own challenges as it had windows that face East and West which is a recipe for a ton of sunlight. Because of this, they wanted to prevent the glare on the TV and give them privacy.  

Sensational Solutions:

John writes, “Wilma enthusiastically knew exactly what the right product was for our needs. She recommended the Silhouette blinds and the texture and colours perfectly match the new stonework around the fireplace.” We love the custom Hunter Douglas silhouette blinds as they meet many needs such as privacy and sunlight control. They added a beautiful effect in their home and a soft quality that complimented the room. 

Point of View:

“Once the installation had been completed we really felt like the room became finished. They added a warmth to the room that we hadn’t previously realized was missing.

Wilma and her team have done it again! There is no question about who we’ll go to again when it’s time to finish the other windows in our house. You’ve completed four rooms now and we will continue to call you back until they’ve all been completed!

Five stars and two solid thumbs up!” – John