Whether you’re moving into a new home or giving your current home a style upgrade, window treatments bring an added comfort and seasonal style to any home. Additionally, they also provide temperature control and privacy. To help you select treatments that make your home spectacular, Sensational SEAMS has formulated a Beginner’s Guide to getting sensational window coverings. By following this guide, not only will you be able to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, but you will also realize the value in investing in long-term solutions.


Getting Started

Hire a professional: By hiring a professional, you will save time and money instead of running from store to store, buying and returning. Doing it yourself tends to open the door to letting frustration set in during the process. Try a professional for one room to start with, and you will see that the experience is well worth the advice and effort. Besides, when I walk into your home as a window treatment expert, I see everything for the first time and spot potential, whereas your home is so familiar to you, that you may not see the potential it has or the many solutions that would turn it from good to great.


Allocate room uses: Think about how you use a particular room. Do you entertain guests there? Do you watch movies there? Is it your computer room? Do you require light control, heat/cold control, are there privacy issues? Have answers to these questions as well as an answer for what you would like to do with those hard-to-reach windows.


Plan for the future: Think not only for today, but create a plan that reflects your choice of a home if you foresee staying in your present house for the next one year, three years, five years, or longer.


Next Steps

Work with a professional to create a plan: I like to ask the client to gather ideas from magazines or the internet. Your overall plans for your home affect the choice for each window solution, regardless of the room it is in. Show us around. Tell us your long-term decorating ideas.

Many people falsely believe window coverings are only for light control and privacy. But, the right treatment design can enhance your room. It will bring more beauty to your home. Window treatments are more affordable than virtually any home furnishings. You don’t change window treatments very often. So, we want you to have something you will love for years.


Advice From The Pros

Never settle: Don’t ever put up a temporary solution, because chances are you will never change it. Get something that you love the first time around! It’s an investment you won’t regret! Sometimes the difference between a good solution and a great solution is the investment. Try to prioritize the rooms in your home and work on them one by one if it’s not in the plans to do the entire house at one time.

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