Room of the Month – July 2018

Aug 1, 2018

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– July 2018

Helen K., Bowmanville

She wanted to move from her bedroom upstairs, to this room, to accommodate her queen size bed. This room was a Rec/TV room that first would need to be updated. This was when she called Wilma!  

Sensational Solutions:

Wilma helped her choose fabrics that coordinated together and pulled in the existing colours and styles in the room. This created a totally exciting, new look that Helen loved. 

Point of View:

“When people came into the house, it’s one of the first rooms they saw. Now I am excited for people to see this room. Before the door was closed. Now its wide open. I have a gorgeous room now that far exceeded my imagination. I am so pleased with the outcome of all the work that went into making my Dream room a Reality room.” -Helen K.