Do you have a basement that is in desperate need of refreshing?  Our needs change as our lives develop and family grows.  In some cases, when the kids move out, we have all this extra “real estate” that can be changed from a storage or junk drop-zone to a beautiful, functional space.  We suddenly realize we have an extension of our home right underneath our feet.

Here are some great tricks & treats to make our basements feel like a space we long to spend time in:

1.  Tall Drapery or Panels – Add height to a short basement with tall side panels or closing drapery. It’s amazing what a visual illusion of height the drapery will give to those small window wells, as well as add a cozy insulation on those cold nights.

2.  Lots of Light – If light is minimal, use a window treatment that has the least amount of stacking.  Honeycomb are the best Insulating Shade on the market or Roller Shades with a beautifully wrapped cassette top and a decorative fabric will bring character and style to your windows.

3.  Natural Wood and Metal – A cozy fireplace can be the answer to taking away that  cold, damp feeling.  Wood, brick, stone and leather create a “natural” space, and we have window treatments in wood and metal to accent that earthy look.

4.  Patterns with “Wow” – Don’t be afraid of pattern and colour – even though the windows may be small, give your room something to fuss over with bold and colourful patterns, and continue the theme throughout the room.

5. Power to Simplify your Life – Adding a remote control to the window treatments will be a welcomed add-on, especially in the Man-Cave and Bedroom areas.  What better way to relax for a movie, or enjoy a good night’s sleep with a push of a button to close the shades for total darkness.

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