Have you ever wanted a personal shopper to design a wardrobe for you, customized so it is tailored to your personal style, as well as give you a look you feel great in?

Our mission is to give this experience to your home with Custom Window Treatments. Often, homeowners choose a treatment because of aesthetics.  Most of the time, we choose a window covering for function and aesthetics.

So let’s peer through your windows and look at what can be done in your home!

Window Treatments are classified as hard or soft treatments

Hard Treatments are factory-made window treatments: blinds, shades, and shutters.  These window coverings are used for privacy, and many are installed to control sunlight, heat and cold.   (More on this next time).

Soft Treatments are any window covering sewn from fabric.  They are generally used as decoration combined with hard treatments, but can also be used alone.  Soft treatments can be custom-made to fit any window and will be “one of a kind”.  Any fabric,  trim and tassels can be selected, along with all your chosen details.  Practically any style can be created, and Professional Installation using custom hardware also adds to your distinctive look.

Choosing Custom Treatments are one of the most delightful experiences of owning your home. We will work closely with you to gain an understanding of your design style to create the look of your dreams:

Top Treatments in a home can add simple style to any room

Side Panels and a splash of colour or pattern to your room

Draperies add cozy warmth in the frosty winter months, and provide an insulating block against the summer heat waves.

All our treatments are made with the highest quality materials, the most cutting edge, trend setting styles and the widest selection of fabrics.

As a Window Treatment Specialist, I will come to visit your home for a one-of-a-kind design experience, and work with you to create a perfectly orchestrated and Sensational look for your home.