Like a well-fashioned wardrobe, window treatments complete the look of a room, setting the mood and atmosphere where you live. Incredible window treatments make you feel amazing when the whole look comes together.

A classic look in window treatment fashions are the Roman Shades. These shades are unmatched in their versatility in using beautiful fabrics, textures and design options to create your personal style, and has the ability to complete any design. The variations among Roman Shade styles can suit any look, from understated elegance to playful patterns. Here is an overview of this timeless window treatment.

Classic are clean and tailored with straight edges and effortless style. This look can work with many fabrics to accentuate the colors and personality you want in your home.

Hobbled demonstrates softness and more texture in any position because the folds are present even when lowered. This characteristic can add dimension to a room.

Relaxed offers a contoured, relaxed look as the shade is raised. A curve forms as each fold is added. Using a fabric embellished with a floral pattern will give your room a fresh, airy or romantic look.

Knife Pleat can instantly create an atmosphere of sleek, stylish design. These shades are ideal for someone who wants to define a room with clean lines.

Ribbed Pleat introduce a structured design. Instead of just a flat surface, this shade has a lined, precise look. These shades will set your room apart when it comes to designing your home.

You deserve to enjoy window treatments that reflect the style and personality you want in your home. Roman Shades are a great option for many different moods. Let us help you design an environment that feels great for you and your family.  Read more at to meet your style needs with the right type of Roman Shade.

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