So you’ve signed the papers, and the reality of your new home begins. So much to do, so many decisions to make before the move-in date rolls around the corner.

Wouldn’t it be nice to move in and have all your privacy and light issues already taken care of? Imagine sleeping in your new home that first night without having to put up bed sheets on the windows for privacy, or ducking down and sneaking around in your new house to get from the shower to your bedroom closet. Waving “hi” to the next-door-neighbour while eating dinner may seem like a friendly gesture, but who really wants to know what the other is eating for dinner?

Now is the time to make those window treatment purchases that you always dreamed of, but never invested in. You know you are going to love them, and after all, you are going to be in this new home for a long time. Why not get what you really want the first time around? The difference between “settling for” and “Windows with WOW” may be like the difference between a coffee and a latte. Now is the perfect time to go all out and add on that extra layer of drapery or valances to your blinds to create your personal style, colour and add texture to your windows. A remote controlled shade synced to your phone will beautifully transform the light at the window and create surprising new possibilities of comfort and convenience in your home.

So go ahead, give yourself permission to splurge a little, because you know that when you put up that “temporary” shade, it could be 10 years before you get around to replacing it. Getting your windows dressed now will give you years of enjoyment, energy savings and lasting impressions. Every window tells a story. Dress them well TODAY to bring your home to life.