What an experience! Every year since 2011 I have entered my BEST designs into the competition. I know I’m always up against the best of the best, and it’s my clients who allow me to be creative beyond what the big box stores can offer.

The Gala is a special night for all of us, everyone in their finest attire, a gourmet dinner, ending with the Awards Ceremony. It’s so great to see the achievements of my associates, they all work hard at their own businesses, and we are all willing to share and teach each other the best techniques of drapery design, sales and management strategies.

Valerie Bursten Design Award 2018 International Window Fashions Competition Winner

This award is presented in recognition of an outstanding design achievement by an Exciting Windows! Member or staff decorator, based on the beauty of the design, success in meeting the client’s desires, ability to creatively solve design challenges of the project and creative use of products.

“It’s all about making the most of our home. It’s more than picking the fabric and blind, it’s all about understanding the role window treatments play in any room.” – Wilma


Exciting Windows! 2018 International Business Owner of the Year Winner

This award is presented to recognize a business owner who, through service and overall contribution, has inspired greater success for all members in Exciting Windows! North American Network.

“To be called up that you won an award is a great feeling, making the long hours and dedication to our client’s all worth the effort. To be called up five times is just an overwhelming and humbling feeling. Amazed? Surprised? You bet!” – Wilma


Our homes have very personal spaces, where friends and family gather, and memories are created. Light and energy-efficiency are important, but my goal is the creative design and feeling you get when walking into a room – that “WOW” or “comfort-factor” – I want to make sure our clients get the most out of their interiors.

When putting together the boards for the competition, the one that won the 1st place award was very large, and I hesitated to bring it with me because it was bigger than my suitcase, so I took it as a carry-on. All entries had to show creative use of fabrics, hardware, proportions and design. Coming back home, the customs officer at airport security stopped my suitcase wondering what the objects inside were. I had carefully wrapped the glass award in my clothing so it would not break, and the metal star on the plaque also set off the beeper. So, going through all my belongings, I revealed the accomplishments to the officer, and was so glad I was able to keep them and go home with them.

It goes without the acknowledgement of God who allows me to continue to have a passion to be creative, and brings me such amazing clients who appreciate the value of custom and creative design. Yes, I can design something beautiful and “Sensational”, but my clients have to agree, and trust me. I could not do it without the support of my husband Jamie who is my Sensational Installer and cheerleader, our family and our whole team who help put all the pieces together.

I am so grateful, and cannot wait to create more “Award-Winning Designs” for 2019.