Does your home have a beautiful Bay Window? I know, you love the look of it, how it juts out of the wall, creating more interior space, and adding a focal point to your room. But are you stumped on how to dress it? Let me help you sort through different approaches to take when dressing Bay Windows.

Treat the windows as one large unit. When we add panels on each side of the Bay from ceiling to floor, we create a tall, vertical appearance, framing the beautiful window, as well as the view outside, and allowing full light to come into the home. We can also add an insulated lining to drapery that closes right across the window, providing a cool room on those hot summer days.

What about separate pieces? We do this by installing individual treatments that are mounted inside the Bay. They each have their own control so lifting up and down for maximum privacy and light control may be your perfect solution. Our “Room of the Month” features this type of treatment with two custom modern panels.

One continuous treatment. We can make three windows join together with one long valance that extends across the top of all three windows. They are mounted as one unit or can be three units that fit snugly against each other. Check our website for a closer look at the top valance in our “Room of the Month” Bay Window. We can also add a custom bench seat cushion for a great nook to sit and read a book.

Individual window treatments. If you have amazing wood trim, we can make it the focal point of the window treatment by dressing each window separately. In this case, we mount the treatment inside the window molding, showing off the details.

There are fabulous patterned fabrics that will add character and style, with just the right splash of glamour and colour to draw attention to one of the greatest windows of your home.

Still not sure what would be best for your home? We are here to help. Contact Wilma at 905-987-4272 or for a free, in-home consultation.