Room of the Month – June 2019

Jul 1, 2019

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– June 2019

Sandra C.

“My draperies are so different never seen anything like them before.”
“nice to walk in now and see my windows look so nice.”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    Sandra had moved to Newcastle and was not loving her home and surroundings. A new friend encouraged her to get involved in the community and now LOVES it here, so she decided to make her home the way she wanted it. She has large windows but an awkward area around her fireplace with a door on one side and window on the other – the first set of windows you see in front of you as you enter her home. Sandra knew she would not be able to get anything ready-made, and wanted everyone who entered the home to say ‘WOW’. She wanted something DIFFERENT that no one else has. She has been following our Room of the Month features in the local ads and knew she needed to call Sensational SEAMS for a unique design and approach for her windows.
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    Wilma and Sandra selected an Upholstered Cornice Box to unify the door and window. Fabrics with metallics will definitely give the ‘WOW’ factor she was after as the light catches and glistens into the room. Glass Posts adorn the LUXURIOUS angled side panels, made with a modern wave-stripe and gently tied back with AMAZING MODERN TASSELS. Sandra has two great chairs in an amazing yellow and grey fabric, styled beautifully in front of her fireplace. An ASYMMETRICAL treatment draws your eye across the room and unifies the door and window spaces. A similar upholstered cornice box treatment was selected for the TV Room, but with an angled twist and a soft floral fabric to compliment the furniture.
  3. Going Forward:
    The Living Room and TV Room windows are a real eye-catcher when you walk into Sandra’s home. She loves how they are UNIQUE to her style and decor and still give so much light. Grand window treatments accent ATTENTION TO DETAIL in the use of the fabrics and designs. Sandra has called Sensational SEAMS back into her home to come up with solutions for her two bedrooms. Wilma says “I love how Sandra challenges me to come up with CREATIVE and UNIQUE IDEAS – I can’t wait to feature Sandra’s home again.