Here are the hassles that Clarington area residents run into most often with their window treatments:

1) Paper Blinds.
OK for the first few days in a new home, maybe. But when it comes to maintaining privacy and saving energy over time, an energy-efficient shade can keep out up to 85% of the heat in summer – that’s the best solution on the market.

2) Helpless Helpers.
Got questions? No one around to help? Come to an expert with years of hands-on experience from product knowledge to certified installation experts who know the questions to ask and the challenging obstructions to look for on your windows.

3) Funky Fit.
“Ready-made” treatments come in limited size restrictions. That’s why an in-home consultation allows for proper measuring, it is so important to get a perfect, custom fit every time.

4) Stacking that’s Lacking.
“Do-it-Yourselfers” often underestimate the window length, and end up with several inches of extra material or “stacking” at the bottom. Custom treatments can be ordered in 1/8″ increments for a beautiful, visual appearance.

5) Catalogue Concerns.
Buy from a catalogue or internet, and you may well end up returning, reordering …and regretting the lack of personal attention. Making selections in your own home, with your furniture, lighting and wall colours allows you to match fabrics and textures with the samples available.

6) Hanging Hassles.
Install your own rods and…oops, they don’t hang level or fall out of the wall because they’re not secured to studs. Let an installation professional take the grief and frustration out of the mix for you, and get your treatments installed over the course of a day.

7) Ready-Made Roulette.
You discover that those creases don’t fall out from those ready-made packaged and folded drapes. Custom drapery fabrics are always rolled, never folded, so no creases to steam or press out.

8) Decorating Dilemmas.
Decorate only part of the room at a time, and you may later find out that the original fabric is no longer available for other windows and accessories. Careful planning for the whole project will allow for enough fabric to complete the room to avoid disappointment later.

Is doing it yourself worth the aggravation? Working with an expert will save you time, money and frustration. Call me today to set up your complimentary In-Home Consultation.