Room of the Month – July 2019

Aug 1, 2019

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– July 2019

Bart Bies (Hampton)

“for audio reasons we wanted draperies that would add a better sound in the room.”
“The room feels more complete, warm and cozy.”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    Bart had just renovated his home and was referred to us by his kitchen contractor. He had emailed me photos of his Great Room patio doors and wanted drapes for light and sound control for their home theater. “When it’s sunny, it’s impossible to see the screen…and we are hosting a family party….”
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    What a fantastic room, great for entertaining and hosting large parties. Wilma met with Bart & Rita to go over options and suggestions for the Patio Doors and Large Window. Drapery with an insulated black out lining would be the perfect solution to meet the needs Bart was concerned about: FADING hardwood floors, better SOUND in the room, BLOCK OUT THE SUN so they can enjoy the theater. A bold striped fabric in four colours was selected, and fabricated in such a way that the navy and royal blue stripes show when stacked up to the wall, and the white and taupe stripes show when drawn across the patio doors. This makes for an interesting window treatment. Sleek hardware compliments the room, which carries the drapery providing minimal stacking. The Large Window also received a splash of colour, using the same fabric for a faux roman shade valance, allowing all the light to still come into the room and not disrupt the view.
  3. Going Forward:
    The Draperies were installed in time for the family party! Now the sound doesn’t echo anymore and they don’t have to worry about getting out the sunglasses to watch the screen. The room feels much warmer and so cozy, as the new window treatments add an element of DESIGN AND FUNCTION. Happy entertaining!