2018 International Window Fashions Competition Winner

“I’ve been through the cheap and value window treatments? Now I’m ready to go Custom & Unique? Can you please help me?”

That’s the comments I’ve been hearing more and more from my clients. They call me saying that they’ve been putting up with ready-made curtains and valances, paper or plastic shades, bed in a bag, and are tired of the drab and mondaine look in their home. They are ready to get their home looking the way they’ve always dreamed it would be. They would love the have a “grown up” home with pretty, unique, and custom. They are at a point in their lives where they can finally afford something a little more unique and custom, and they are willing to be daring with style, colour and investment pieces that will “WOW” them when they walk into their own home.

Many of my clients have been traveling, staying in nice hotels, and love the feeling they get when they walk into those rooms. Why not bring that same, great feeling home, where you can enjoy it for 365 days of the year instead of just on your holidays?

You Can! and I would love to inspire your Sensational Solution!

Why go custom? Because different is good, change is good, and that’s something that you can’t pick up off the shelf. It requires thought, allowing yourself to dream of what your home could be like. If money were no object, what would you change? What colour makes you feel great? What patterns are you drawn to the most? Would you be daring and choose “Outside the Box”? I LOVE to let my imagination go to create and design one-of-a-kind pieces. Let me help you finally acquire that space you always hoped for and let’s make it happen – now! Pick up the phone or email me today for a design experience that will change the way you see your home – every day.

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