Room of the Month – September 2019

Oct 1, 2019

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– September 2019

Sandra Campbell (Newcastle)

“I wanted something different that you don’t see anywhere else”
“I love walking into my place and seeing the new look”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    Wilma had the pleasure of working with Sandra whose main passion is having something different. Sandra says, “Well, when Wilma came for the first time to look at my great room, all I had to say was…. ‘I want different’ and instantly her eyes lit up, and she says, ‘Ooooh kkk” and different I got… then so pleased with great room, I called again and said, ‘I now want to do a bedroom, I want different’ and again she came through as you can see by the pictures”.
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    Wilma loves working on bedrooms. The challenge of “Unique & Different” gets her inspired to design a custom quilted comforter/bedspread for Sandra’s Master Bedroom, using the same fabrics for the window treatments. A few embellishments on the pillows and shams, along with a wave-style quilting design for the bedspread makes a super-fit for the awkward footboard corners – not a problem for Wilma and her team! We wanted to show off the wood of the bedroom suite and the fit is perfect. A combination of floral linen fabric and dark turquoise accents makes this room a perfect retreat at the end of the day. The window treatments boast a three-panel box pleat design with arched bottoms, along with a little bit of trim and cascades for accents. A relaxing aqua-coloured fabric is selected for the Side Panels, making the window appear larger, while maintaining simple function of the blinds. Anyone would want to be a guest at Sandra’s home. The guest bedroom has a custom-made reversible duvet cover in a Gunmetal grey and Orchid burgundy soft fabric. We designed a style for cushions and shams, different from the master bedroom and selected a fantastic embroidered fabric for the window treatments. No, no – not a normal cornice box – Wilma draws out a pattern-matched design in her Newcastle workroom and her husband, Jamie builds the creation in his shop. Together, they come up with a unique masterpiece, something with layers and huge resin embellishments at the top, to accent the 9′ ceiling and give extended height to the grand four-poster bed.
  3. Going Forward:
    Sandra is so pleased. She says, “I wanted something different that you don’t see anywhere else and different I got. I love walking into my place and seeing the new look.” Wilma’s comments: “It’s so great to take a project from nothing, to finish…creating, designing, working with my team, upholstering, installing…and getting to know our clients through the process, while making great friendships along the way. Thanks, Sandra, for this great journey! I’m so glad to have met you and am delighted that you LOVE your home!!!”