I’ve heard many clients say how excited they are to move. A fresh start, a new location, new neighbours…what’s not to LOVE?

Once all the boxes are emptied, what MAKES our houses is the feeling of LOVE that comes with it every time you step through the front door. What exactly is it that makes it feel like it’s really YOURS? It’s what you ADD to it, the pieces of comfy furniture that you long to flop down into after a busy day, the ambiance of a lite fireplace, and the pictures that bring you back to some of the greatest memories and times with those you LOVE.

When you look around the rooms that you spend the most of your time in, do they give you a happy feeling? You want to be sure you LOVE your home and that it is everything you dreamed it would be.

We all know how dramatically windows can DEFINE A SPACE, by letting the sunlight stream in and warm us in the chilling winter months. But do your windows draw attention to a big black hole in the wall at night? Maybe they need to be wrapped in a blanket of warmth. Adding multiple layers of window treatments provides both insulation and enhances style. When you look out your windows, do they have a VIEW THAT DESERVES FRAMING? Nothing adds more WOW to your home than luxurious, custom window treatments.

Want to make the windows a DESIGN FOCAL POINT? You can add sophistication with a more casual style suited to this day and age, and frame your shades with draperies. That’s the whole point for many homeowners now, and making your space look taller and wider is accomplished with ceiling to floor draperies.

Are you looking for VALUE, PREMIUM or LUXURY Window Treatments? We can work on a budget and create a plan. Upscale window treatments may cost more initially, but I have seen them increase your home’s value time and again.

I want to hear about YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS. What’s your vision and how can I help you LOVE your home?