Room of the Month – January 2021

Feb 1, 2021

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– January 2021

Henry & Sarah DeJong, Bowmanville, Ontario

Point of View:

“It has a fresh look and it makes me very happy that everything is looking the way it should.”

“I can be happy with each room when I open the door… It gives me joy and it makes me happy.”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    I enjoy working with Henry & Sarah! They first called me into their previous home back in 1999 and again 2006. When they moved in 2013, we were called in to provide window treatments for their main living areas. In November of 2020, they were excited to call me again looking for a change that had been long overdue. It was finally their turn to give their master bedroom a fresh look. Sarah chuckles as she called her room “ugly” and “pathetic”. She had finally had enough of what was there and looked forward to a fresh look.
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    The existing curtains completely covered both side windows of the bay and half of the middle window. It was fun to talk with both Henry and Sarah and discover what it was that they REALLY wanted from their window treatments. Henry was used to shift work and needed darkness to sleep. Sarah wanted to enjoy the view to her garden and needed light during the daytime to brighten the room. I suggested fully black out lined closing drapery made with a soft fabric colour that blended into the paint on the wall to satisfy the need for darkness for Henry. Beautiful soft HunterDouglas Silhouette Shades would satisfy Sarah’s wishes with a full view to the garden, providing filtered light. Together, this made the perfect combination.
  3. Going Forward:
    Henry & Sarah were excited to have Jamie and I come to install their bedroom window treatments. We asked them to resist the temptation to check in on us until it was completed. They couldn’t believe the difference, with a fresh look and lots of light. Sarah says, “It makes me very happy that everything is looking the way it should. I can be happy with each room when I open the door. We want to live here until we can no longer do that, so the window treatments are taken care of. Wilma went the extra mile. The enjoyment of her creation for our home really makes a difference – it’s all done so beautifully now. HunterDouglas stands behind their name and Wilma will look after it – that’s a big part of her service”.

I am blessed with my clients as it’s a great compliment to be called back into a home time and time again, and then from one home to the next. Thanks Henry & Sarah for your terrific hospitality and our friendship that has grown over the years!