Room of the Month – February 2021

Mar 1, 2021

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– February 2021

This Room of the Month is going to take on a different twist, as it is my Mom’s home. She loves humour and is an amazing story teller

Client Info:

Name: Pat Koenderman aka. Mom
Location: Bowmanville, Ontario

Point of View:

Quote: “Oh my goodness, there it goes, point of no return!”

Quote: “Why didn’t I say yes to some changes years ago”

Sensational Solutions:

Coffee time! Aaah, do you look forward to coffee time to enjoy in the morning? Well I sure do, it’s the hi-light of my day, to sit down nice & quiet and enjoy coffee with a homemade cookie or piece of cake. I thought my morning had started off perfect! Wilma was coming for coffee, and from one conversation came another. Before I knew it, my two daughters, Helen and Wilma, plus my granddaughter Marilyn, turn my life totally upside down…curtain wise…as one of the “sweethearts” (I never call them that) said, “Hey Mom, what about some new curtains? Do you know how long ago it was that we made these ones for you? Wouldn’t a nice, bright change be beautiful in here?”

Well, I wasn’t ready for that – no way, there was nothing wrong with the curtains that have been hanging here for 20+ years, they were fine, and I still liked them. We had talked about it before, but that was as far as it went. (When I go to Jamie and Wilma’s place, I always get a chance to see what is new and love to look through her books. I’m not looking for drapery at all, just killing time waiting while she is upstairs preparing the coffee and cake. I always think to myself, “Oh, is that ever beautiful….but…I don’t NEED it”, so I put the book away and carry on with our visit.) Now they were serious and I had to change my mind from thinking that these old drapes are good enough.

Then, out comes a fabric book that I had seen in Wilma’s Showroom, she holds up the fabric and I say, “That’s it! That’s the one! I LOVE IT!” Everyone agreed that the drapery fabric would look amazing with my Cow Chair. The conversation continues with great ideas, suggestions of “and while we are at it, ooooh, wouldn’t that fireplace wall look absolutely amazing in BLACK?!” Before I knew it, the flower drapes were being taken down and my purple valances were gone. Oh my goodness, there it goes, point of no return! The paint was being mixed and the next few days the girls spent stripping away the old wallpaper and border. Marilyn was so excited to start painting to update the wood trim with white paint. A huge bolt of fabric arrived and with Helen cutting and pressing, and Wilma sewing away, a total transformation of the two rooms that I spend most of my time in, was completed.

That day when Wilma came, was I ready for it? NO. Did I think I would be sitting here with new drapery? NO, my curtains of 25 years old were fine. And now…here they hang. When I get up in the morning and come into my Living & Dining Rooms, I say, “Wow, is it ever bright in here!” The sun is shining and it adds to the brightness; the windows look taller without the valances, and the fireplace and curtains stand out so beautifully against the black wall. The patio door is big and open and light, and my plants love it in front of the window.

I look back at the before photos and cannot believe the difference. Why didn’t I say yes to some changes years ago? I am so blessed to be able to still live in my home. It is now refreshed and modernized, and my grandchildren say that I am no longer stuck in the 90’s. Traveling is not possible for me anymore, so making my surroundings where I spend all my time, and getting the enjoyment of spending quality time with my family, are the most precious things in life. We had fun coming together and working on the changes, and now I get to enjoy it every day!

Words from Wilma

What a fantastic project this has been. Mom and Dad had this house built in the 70’s. Mom is always creative and has a real sense of decorating. She designed the fireplace and it truly is the focal point of the living room. By changing the wall colour to black, it draws attention and emphasizes the unique shape and profile of her design. The black in the drapery fabric is the perfect compliment.

It feels so good to be able to bless someone who has been there for you every step of your life, and every part of your career. Mom has been our babysitter, encourager, cheerleader and supporter for the entire 35 years of Sensational SEAMS, and I cannot think of a better way to show my appreciation back to her.