Room of the Month – March 2021

Apr 1, 2021

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– March 2021

Client Info:

Name: Happy client

Point of View:

Quote: “Motorized controls make adjustments to the blinds simple and convenient.”

Quote: “Enjoying the fresh clean look!”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    Our clients this month features a professional office. Temporary shades were put on the windows several years ago. They were in need of a general office overhaul and decided it was time for ”the real thing” on their windows. They also had two leather chairs that had seen the effects of 40+ years of service.
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    Since the windows were located behind the desks and were difficult to access, Wilma suggested that motorized shades would be the best solution. This made adjustments to the blinds simple and convenient. Sun was also an issue, adding glare on the computer screens, and heat from the afternoon sun made it difficult to work comfortably, so the HunterDouglas Silhouette Shades had all the functions and features to solve their needs. Being able to set the automation feature with the hub gives the employees a comfortable working environment, cuts the glare, reduces the heat, and is a “set it and forget it” convenience. The shades open when it’s time to begin the day, and close at quitting time, alerting employees it’s time to go home after a productive day. They love that the remote controls in each office space can independently over-ride the automation when more light filtering or heat control is needed. The two leather chairs were reupholstered in genuine hide leather, with new foam and antique brass studs, and the wood was brought back to its original finish.
  3. Going Forward:
    The clients and employees are all very happy and enjoying the fresh, clean look of the new window treatments. The office now has a professional look with privacy features, and the paper shades are gone forever. The chairs have a renewed comfort with the original classic style and are up for the challenge of another 40+ years of service.

I love working in office environments. We spend so much of our day at our work, and having a professional look with functional window treatments makes our day that much more productive. So whether you are working in a professional office building or your home office, the appearance of a professional space and custom window treatments is also what reflects your business. If you are using Zoom, be conscious of your backdrop and your window treatments. I look forward to helping you elevate your space!