Room of the Month – May 2021

Jun 1, 2021

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– May 2021

Client Info:

Name: Rose & Cory Kuipers
Location: Bowmanville

Point of View:

Quote: “Very reliable and excellent quality workmanship and would not hesitate to recommend this company.”

Quote: “We would certainly call these folks again for any work needed.”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    Cory and Rose are well-known in our area, and have been the sole owners of Northcutt Elliott Funeral Home Limited since 1989. They called Wilma in because they had known her for many years, and “of course had seen her van and ads everywhere”. They wanted “professional and expert attention” for their hard-to-reach skylight, antique furniture and dated outdoor cushions.
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    The skylight was letting in so much heat in the summertime, and Wilma suggested a HunterDouglas Duette Architella shade, set up with a rechargeable battery and remote control, so no need to climb tall ladders and purchase extra batteries.
    Wilma was able to co-ordinate re-upholstery of the beautiful antique pieces of furniture that Cory & Rose have obtained over the years. It all goes so well with their century home location. Selecting fabrics that go with the era was important while maintaining durability for the high traffic areas.
    The outdoor furniture set sure is a welcoming feature of this great location, serving as an area to sit back and relax. The depth of colour on the brick wall needed an updated fabric that could withstand the outdoor elements of sun while being mold and mildew resistant. New foam inserts create the ultimate comfort. Three beautiful vibrant green fabrics shows off nicely on the red brick wall.”
  3. Going Forward:
    “We trusted Sensational SEAMS to solve our design problems because of their great reputation and would certainly call these folks again for any work needed. They are very reliable and provide excellent quality workmanship, and would not hesitate to recommend this company.”
    – Rose & Cory Kuipers, Bowmanville
  4. Words from Wilma
    Working with other business owners brings me such great pleasure. Being asked to provide our services for their needs, and working with such caring personalities, brought me great honour to work with Cory & Rose. The reputation and longevity of the service they provide to our community is so valuable, and we are so pleased with the finished look and update to their Historic Bowmanville Site.