Room of the Month – August 2021

Sep 1, 2021

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– August 2021

Client Info:

Name: Sharon M.
Location: Oshawa

Point of View:

Quote: “My home is so much brighter now, the light gets in but not overwhelming in the heat.”

Quote: “I still get the privacy I was looking for when needed at night but during the day it is bright and airy.”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. Why Wilma was called in:
    Sharon found out about Sensational SEAMS through Oak Unlimited Furniture Store in Bowmanville, where Wilma often brings her clients who are looking for new furniture. Sharon had moved into a bungalow which was dark and felt closed in. She did a full renovation of the kitchen, bedroom and ensuite. Once that was done, she needed someone to help her brighten up the windows with new blinds, adding valances and curtains for a special splash of colour.
  2. The Sensational Solution:
    Sharon says, “Wilma and I seemed to click right away. The more we talked about what I was looking for, she came up with ideas and material choices that I thought was perfect for my colour scheme.” When Sharon moved into her house, there were window treatments on many of the windows, but they were all dark colours, blocking much of the natural daylight coming into her house. “I chose white HunterDouglas blinds for all the windows. Installing the blinds over the tall, narrow windows made the windows feel wider and so much brighter with the white shades. The patio door blinds operate with a remote so it gives me many options for adjusting the three separate windows. My ensuite is also on a remote which makes it easy to open and close the blinds from my bedroom for privacy.”
    We found perfect fabric solutions for the drapery panels on the patio doors, accentuating them with decorative hardware in the beautiful gold finish to match her amazing new kitchen. The custom cornice boxes were designed and created with the pattern of the floral in mind, reflecting Wilma’s attention to details, and carried the same fabric into the open-concept living room. The hallway window gives style and interest, as well as something to catch your eye with when entering the home.
    We also designed and created custom bench seat cushions that surrounds the new kitchen table and chairs. Durable fabrics that wipe easily and a light patterned back allows comfort for those “after dinner discussions” with a cup of coffee or glass of wine.
    When Wilma saw the ensuite bathroom that was beautifully renovated and topped with chandelier, a fabric with glitter and bling, and the same pattern motif was the perfect accent for this gorgeous retreat.
    “My home is so much brighter now, the light gets in but not overwhelming in the heat. I still get the privacy I was looking for when needed at night but during the day, it is bright and airy.
    Thank you Wilma for all your help. Your hard work and attention to details made me feel very comfortable with the choices we made. Loved your enthusiasm during the project and loved the results.”
  3. Words from Wilma:
    Moving into a new house, and renovating right away, gave Sharon the feeling that the space is now hers. Every change she made created the feeling that the house was more personable. By bringing in design elements already established in the renovation, and adding light, fabrics, colours and textures will bring enjoyment for years to come. I loved working with Sharon. She knew exactly what she liked when I showed her the fabrics and window shading styles. She loved the addition of PowerView and Remote Control for the shades, and together we transformed each room into something that is comfortable and inviting, reflecting her personal taste by creating warmth, light and privacy that she can relax in and “feel at home”.