Room of the Month – December 2021

Jan 1, 2022

Room Of the Month

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Room of the Month– December 2021 – The Joy of Durability

Client Info:

Name: Jane & Gerry Black
Location: Newcastle

Point of View:

Quote: “The new shutters are very easy to use and maintain. Add character to the room. They allow light in at any angle.”

Quote: “Window treatments look so much more classic and professionally finished.”

Quote: “Shop local. You will love the results.”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. What exciting thing happened that made you call Sensational SEAMS?
    Wilma has been along time member of our Newcastle Chamber of Commerce. Established local business.
  2. Why did you trust Sensational SEAMS to solve your design problem?
    A company with great expertise and has been part of our community for many years with excellent references.
  3. Describe the most challenging window or area in your home that needed attention.
    Two Windows of our family room. Old blinds were not effective or attractive. We wanted available light in the day and privacy at night.
  4. The Sensational Solution:
    Wilma and Jamie solved that problem with white shutters. They were fitted to perfection to our window sizes.
    The new shutters are very easy to use and maintain. Add character to the room. They allow light in at any angle.
    Tips from Wilma: The HunterDouglas New Style Hybrid Shutters is the best of natural and new. The look of wood meets the strength and straightness of modern-day materials. It’s a versatile complement to any interior with a micro-smooth finish combined with the beauty of a high-quality shutter.
  5. What does this new look mean to you and how has it changed the way you view your home?
    Absolutely satisfied with all aspects of the process. The Window treatments look so much more classic and professionally finished.
  6. What is it that you loved most about working with Sensational SEAMS?
    They are very professional using high quality products with care to detail and decor. Wilma and Jamie are wonderful to work with. Very happy with the results.
  7. Words from Wilma:
    An old century home with lots of great wood features and character could not have a typical vinyl shutter. Combining the natural style of genuine wood with the durability of advanced, man-made materials, NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters are both practical and beautiful for Jane and Gerry’s home. Truemill® dovetail construction is a master woodworking technique. This structurally sound method holds panels together by interlocking the components, something these wood-working homeowners appreciate. Jane and Gerry have so much knowledge about Newcastle and the surrounding area, and have invested years of service into the Newcastle Chamber and community. We are honoured to work with them.