We’ve been working on this since 2019 and it’s finally here – the New Health Canada Safety Regulations for Window Treatments! I was thankful to attend the sessions that outline what the new regulations will be for our industry. It always makes me proud to be part of Hunter Douglas – the World Leader in Window Treatments and Innovations. They take this seriously and embrace the laws and changes that breed innovations. Hunter Douglas always strives for new solutions to keep our children, pets and families safe, so families can live better.

Here are a few of the major key factors:

CORDS: Any cord, loops, ladders, inner or rear cords, even if you can’t see it, has been altered to be compliant with Canada Regulations. Reachable Cord Lengths have a maximum of 22 cm or 8.66”.

SMALL PARTS: Production of all the components fall into specifications determined by a Small Parts Cylinder for minimum sizes.

LABELING: Warning labels are applied in English and French for all products and packaging labels.

All Window Treatments ordered on or after May 1, 2022 must comply with the new standards. As Certified and Master Installers with Hunter Douglas, Jamie and I have already been installing shades that followed the previous safety guidelines so any of our clients that have shades in their homes have solutions that are compliant. All new orders will have all the parts and safety features automatically built into the treatments so no need to worry, I’ve got you covered.

We celebrate the new innovations with Elegant Solutions, Fantastic Innovations, and Creative Window Treatments. Beautiful window treatments will be centred back to Child, Pet and Family Safety for your home.

We are ready to provide you with the same service, knowledge, extensive training and expertise you have come to depend on at Sensational SEAMS, where we have been taking your family and home’s safety seriously since 1986. Call us today at 905-987-4272 or email wilma@sensationalseams.com to ensure you have the best possible solution for your window treatment needs.