Room of the Month – April 2022

May 1, 2022

Room Of the Month

Room of the Month– April 2022
April Showers Brings New…

Client Info:

Name: D & R
Location: Oshawa

Point of View:

Quote: “Our master bedroom and ensuite are now so beautifully coordinated, and feel so elegant.”

Quote: “The shutters in the ensuite make the windows a feature, and the curtains/rod in the bedroom highlight the height of the ceiling and accentuate the window, but also along with the bedding make the room much warmer.”

Sensational Solutions:

We are glad to be featuring these clients and their beautiful home once again for our room of the month feature!

This month we are focussing on their new master bedroom and ensuite!

Be sure to check out last month’s photos and write up where we showcased their family room, kitchen and dining room.

They share their personal experience:

  1. How did you find out about Sensational SEAMS?
    I heard about SS through a friend.
  2. What exciting thing happened that made you call Sensational SEAMS?
    We purchased a new home and needed drapery and blinds.
  3. Why did you trust Sensational SEAMS to solve your design problem?
    Wilma was very responsive from the beginning, patient while we went through the process, and developed very creative solutions.
  4. Describe how you felt when the installation was complete:
    Felt like Christmas! Our home feels so cozy and warm now!
  5. What does this new look mean to you and how has it changed the way you view your home?
    I love my home now, feels more complete. Drapes feel like the finishing touch that pulls everything together.
  6. What is it that you loved most about working with Sensational SEAMS?
    Wilma was great to work with, very responsive, friendly and enthusiastic about the project!
  7. Words from Wilma:
    I loved working with these clients. The Master Bedroom had a beautiful light source with full patio doors and top transom windows. The client fell in love with a heavily embroidered fabric for the shams. A coordinated fabric was used for the tops of the drapes, continuing the colour-blocked drape theme we started in the Family Room. Now the bedding and drapery have colour, pattern and style to this well-spaced bedroom.
    The Ensuite Bathroom had two windows, one of which was directly in the shower, so privacy and durability along with moisture concerns lead us to the ultimate Palm Beach Shutter. No need to worry anymore about splashed water or neighbours peering in.
    Installation day is always the hi-light for me, so when Jamie and I showed up in the morning and filled up their living room with all the products, drapes, rods, blinds and shutters, we were eager to get started transforming the home into all that she had dreamed about. Finishing before she came home was a great surprise, and now has a home that feels like her own, with her own taste, style and selections to enjoy for years to come.