Room of the Month – May 2022

Jun 1, 2022

Room Of the Month

Room of the Month– May 2022
This Beautiful Home Takes the Cake

Client Info:

Name: Elizabeth Lebel
Location: Whitby

Point of View:

Quote: “The window treatments were the icing on the cake after the renovations were completed.”

Quote: “Very satisfied & happy with the outcome”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. How did you find out about Sensational SEAMS?
    My daughter had Wilma do some window treatments in her house
  2. What exciting thing happened that made you call Sensational SEAMS?
    Had some renovations done to my house.
  3. Why did you trust Sensational SEAMS to solve your design problem?
    I saw what Wilma did to my daughter’s windows in her house.
  4. What solutions were provided for your home?
    Shutters were installed in front of glass sliding doors with a track so that they could superimpose upon each other. Blackening blinds were installed in my granddaughter’s room with very pretty side panels & valences were installed above existing blinds to finish off the living area & matched the cushions that were custom made for the sectional couch.
  5. Describe how you felt when the installation was complete:
    Very satisfied & happy with the outcome
  6. What does this new look mean to you and how has it changed the way you view your home?
    The window treatments were the icing on the cake after the renovations were completed.
  7. What is it that you loved most about working with Sensational SEAMS?
    Personalized service by a very talented lady in your own home
  8. Words from Wilma:
    Wow! Elizabeth had quite the transformation done to her home. I was first called in to do the nursery for her new granddaughter, adding room darkening shades and pretty pink drapery side panels in a fantastic soft pattern that matched the frilly wallpaper. Now she can sleep well in a room that she will grow up in.
    Since Elizabeth was in the middle of planning her main floor renovation, removing the walls between the kitchen and dining room, and dining room and living room, this made a huge difference with open concept from one end to the other. By-Pass Shutters on the Patio Door allowed maximum light into the kitchen, while accessing the deck. Cleaning is simple and the shutters are pet and child friendly.
    Elizabeth had been everywhere looking for cushions for her new sectional sofa, and never coming up with something that she loved, so she asked if I could help. We found a leaf-patterned fabric that complimented her existing silk drapery on the large window in the Living Room. The two small windows by the fireplace looked bare and unfinished, and by adding simple, sleek valances, this created a complete look for the Living Room.
    The Bay window in the Dining Room now also looked bare, and adding the same simple, sleek valance in a geometric fabric definitely brought all three areas together.
    Elizabeth has a space now that is open, inviting, and ready for years of entertaining with family and friends. It has been a pleasure to watch the transformation, and the joy that she now has sharing her long-time home with her loved ones for many great memories ahead.