Room of the Month – August 2022

Sep 1, 2022

Hard Wired Home Improvement

Client Info:

Name: Kelly P.
Location: Gananoque

Point of View

Quote: “Love the personality that the window treatments bring to our condo… I love my PowerView blinds! They are so easy to use…”

Quote: “I can change the blinds from anywhere and I can have pre-set settings. They are just so convenient! No strings or cords to deal with!”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. How did you find out about Sensational SEAMS?
    I have known Wilma, Jamie and Tamara for a number of years. We have seen their work and it is always well done.
  2. What exciting thing happened that made you call Sensational SEAMS?
    Wilma and Tamara have a great eye, and understand quickly what look you are trying to achieve.
  3. Why did you trust Sensational SEAMS to solve your design problem?
    Sensational Seams had an excellent reputation, deservedly so.
  4. Describe the most challenging window or area in your home that needed attention.
    We have moved into a condo with high ceilings and great views. We wanted to add colour and character to our home, without obstructing the views. We also needed to add some privacy and protection from the sun.
  5. What solutions were provided for your home?
    Sun protection, privacy, without compromising the view! I love my PowerView blinds! They are so easy to use with either the remote (I got a different colour remote for each room, so as not to get confused), or my phone. I can change the blinds from anywhere and I can have pre-set settings. They are just so convenient! No strings or cords to deal with!
  6. Describe how you felt when the installation was complete:
    Absolutely love it! Very happy with the results!
  7. What does this new look mean to you and how has it changed the way you view your home?
    Love the personality that the window treatments bring to our condo. Makes it feel like our own space, not generic.
    Kelly P’s husband noted that Drapery and Window Treatments are not really his thing but these look really impressive and beautiful, job well done!
  8. What is it that you loved most about working with Sensational SEAMS?
    Very easy to work with Wilma, Tamara, and Jamie. They have a wonderful selection of products and a wealth of information.

Sensational Solutions

You know Kelly has a whimsical sense of style when you see flying pigs on her walls. It says….this is going to be a fun project!

When friends move away, we are delighted to be asked to come and do their window treatments for their new home! This is what happened when Kelly called me last Fall to say they were moving to a brand new Condo right on the Lake in Gananoque. This project was going to be done in stages, the first being the light control, privacy needs and UV protection.

The Condo builder had all the windows “hardwired” for motorized window treatments. WOW! How amazing and talk about thinking ahead. Jamie was excited as Automation is his favourite!

Now it was up to us to decide what type of shades to do for maximum view and light control. The treatment of choice of Silhouette with the signature S-Vane which diffuses and softens the harsh sunlight off the lake. ClearView by HunterDouglas maximizes their view with a unique sheer combination and superior view-through. This provides UV protection for their beautiful floors and new furnishings. The shades also roll up into a headrail with minimal stacking.

With the addition of PowerView Motorization and Automation to their shades, their window treatments are not only beautiful but also intelligent! PowerView lets Kelly & Rob control all the shades with their smart devices they already use each day. Jamie set up schedules to automatically move the shades according to the sun’s daily patterns and preferences discussed with Rob & Kelly. Even when they are away, they can adjust the shades with the RemoteConnect feature. No worry about batteries or visible cords when everything is hardwired behind the drywall making for a clean, sleek installation, all neatly tucked into one control panel box.

After painting some feature walls, Kelly came back to see us at our Showroom for the next stage. It was appealing to her to add colour and pattern to create a truly personalized look in their condo by adding fabric valances with style and pizazz. Tamara helped her find the perfect contemporary floral fabric and together with Wilma, we came up with a style that complimented the architectural features of the vast glass views. Accent solid colours for the treatment brought the fabric to life, and like the jewelry on a black dress, the selection of tassels gave a snazzy finish to complete the look of the window treatment, making them “Sensational”.

Installation day is the hi-lite, careful measuring of hardware placement, and steaming the tassels for the perfect finish. Sofa cushions with brushed trim edges tie the whole room together. When all was said and done, even Rob commented that although window treatments are not his “thing”, they looked really, really beautiful and impressive, a job well done.

Words from Wilma:

Seeing the condo for the first time with the impressive water- view was a starting point for the design process. HunterDouglas has such a beautiful wide range of products to select from. Their shades provide the perfect balance of light and privacy, while protecting the harmful effects on furniture, fabrics and floors. Then, we had so much fun decorating in our showroom, pulling out books of fabrics and trims to compliment the paint colours and Kelly’s fun personality and daring sense of style. When you see the photos of all the stages: the bare windows, then the shades added to it, and finally the personal touch of adding luxury with soft valances, the project does a complete 360 degree transformation. Our anticipation to see the final installed results, bringing what was in our vision to reality. We say it all the time but truly mean that we absolutely love working with our clients and “Making Decor Fun!”