It’s hard to imagine now, but when TV sets first came on the market, there was no such thing as remote operation. If you wanted to change the channel, you got out of your chair, walked over to your TV, and turned a knob. Today, any new TV that came without a remote-control device just wouldn’t meet 21st-century expectations. And that’s a good way to think about your window treatments. If you consider the ability to surf channels with your TV remote to be critical, you’ll undoubtedly find that motorized blinds and shades are worth the extra money they cost.

Why Motorized & Automated Blinds Are So Worthwhile

When motorized blinds first became available, convenience was the primary selling point. However, technological advances have added to the list of benefits they provide. Here are only two:

Energy Savings

Many homeowners pair smart-home or WiFi technology with motorized blinds so they can program their window shades to rise and fall according to the time of day. By automating their window treatments, they can set their blinds to open in the morning to brighten their homes, then close in the afternoon to block solar heat.

Does one side of your home get more solar heat than another? No problem! You can use your smart device to open the blinds on different windows at different times. This way, you can use your motorized and automated blinds to reduce the strain on your HVAC system and potentially cut your cooling and heating costs.


Motorized blinds can enhance home safety in several ways. For one, any children or pets in your home won’t become tangled in the outdated cords that were once used for operation. Additionally, with motorized blinds installed, you won’t have to climb a step-ladder to open and close blinds on hard-to-reach windows. Finally, when you opt for motorized blinds that are synced to your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to operate them even when you’re not at home. This means you can use them to fool would-be burglars into thinking your home is occupied when you’re away.

If you’re considering adding motorized & automated blinds to your windows, you already know that Wilma and her team at Sensational SEAMS are the leaders who can guide you through your options and help you make the best choice. Contact us today to find out about the NEW Gen 3 Automation by HunterDouglas.

By Exciting Windows! and Wilma Kulyk