Room of the Month – September 2022

Oct 1, 2022

Client Info:

Name: Brian E and Nympha P.
Location: Newtonville

Point of View

Quote: “The window treatments certainly compliment the overall update to our home. We have gained such pride of ownership.”

Quote: “Very pleased!!… The “icing on the cake”!!”

Sensational Solutions:

  1. How did you find out about Sensational SEAMS?
    I had seen Sensational Seams advertisement in a local flyer that I receive in the mail and through a google search.
  2. What exciting thing happened that made you call Sensational SEAMS?
    We were giving our home a refreshed updated look and window treatments were necessary to complete the dream
  3. Why did you trust Sensational SEAMS to solve your design problem?
    To start Sensational Seams is a local business that has been serving the area for some 35 years. The reviews by clients were very positive for the overall experience when dealing with Wilma and the Sensational Seams team.
  4. Describe the most challenging window or area in your home that needed attention.
    I would have to say it was the patio door. Wilma offered many suggestions and I couldn’t be happier with the solution we chose.
  5. What solutions were provided for your home?
    A combination of shutters and shades with a variety of options such as motorized shades that could be controlled through our mobile devices and programmed to automatically open or close
  6. Describe how you felt when the installation was complete:
    Very pleased!!… The “icing on the cake”!!
  7. What does this new look mean to you and how has it changed the way you view your home?
    Couldn’t be happier. The window treatments certainly compliment the overall update to our home. We have gained such pride of ownership.
  8. What is it that you loved most about working with Sensational SEAMS?
    Wilma and the Sensational Seams team provided nothing but prompt, professional advice and service. The up-to-date, communication received from start to finish made this experience “stress-free”! I highly recommend Sensational Seams for your window treatment needs.

Sensational Solutions

Legacy. Family Values. History. Pride.

These are all words that describe the beauty of this month’s feature. This home was refreshed, but with keeping the original beauty of wood and design in mind. Every piece that was touched or reselected was given careful consideration to style and history.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with these clients to compliment the craftsmanship that the renovator and construction team started, with the perfect window treatment solutions. They wanted to keep the home bright and fresh, maintain that beautiful country view, and still provide privacy when needed.

The living room has a gorgeous picture window and two smaller windows adorning the fireplace so the new Clearview Silhouettes by HunterDouglas were selected for maximum view and privacy. The Dining Room and Den windows faced another home so the original Silhouette with a slight haze-look diffuses and softens the harsh sunlight. The Patio Door in the Den leads to the entertaining area of this home where the barbecue lives, so careful consideration to meat juice stains and bbq sauce leaves this treatment not to chance, but to a remote control to keep all fingers away from the fabric. The Luminette Privacy Sheers offer subdued light with the privacy of soft draperies that this home originally had. They are also controlled by the HunterDouglas PowerView App, as are all the Silhouettes as well. The NEW PowerView Gen 3 Automation is built upon the extremely reliable Bluetooth protocol. Now these clients can open a single window treatment or close the houseful of shades all at the same time.

We selected beautiful Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters for the refreshed Kitchen, Laundry Room and Powder Room. They provide serious performance for sun-drenched sophistication. It’s a complimentary look to the Silhouettes with the added convenience of half-privacy, full privacy, and wipeable solutions that can withstand water splashes and moisture.

Words from Wilma:

At Sensational SEAMS our motto is “We Make Decor Fun!”

We want to take the stress out of all the decisions, educate you so you can make the best selection possible, and keep up our communication throughout the process so when installation day comes, there are no surprises.

What a delight to work with these clients. Brian has a strong sense to keep the family history alive and is proud to show family and friends what has been accomplished. There has been hundreds of people walking thru the doors over the years.

His warm and welcoming smile along with his contagious laugh is the reason people keep coming back. Brian and Nympha’s hospitality is incredible, and they hope to keep that deep-rooted nostalgic going for many more to come.