What defines Luxury in your home for you? Is it:

– Creating something unique that your neighbours and friends don’t have?
– Spending money on quality items that provide a lifestyle that makes you happy?
– Thinking outside the box instead of cookie-cutter designs?
– Inspiring and custom designs that are totally YOU?

You have the ability to make your home the haven you dream of. It’s the space where you create precious memories. It’s the moments in time captured by treasured events and emotions that bring comfort and joy. It’s the story you tell through your personality, your style and your uniqueness!

When you take the time to really think about what feeling or mood you want to create in your home, we can focus on phrases like “warm and cozy”, “simple with clean lines”, “unique and impressive”, “bold statements of colour”, “soft and relaxing”. The window treatments are an important part of your story and become the focal points of design to reflect the feel of the room. Luxury custom window treatments are made up of three things: quality fabrics, attention to detail fabrication, and professional installation. These three combined will make your window treatments luxurious regardless of the room’s feeling or mood.

Your home is a place of importance that deserves a one-of-a-kind design that brings your dreams to life. We can help to ask the questions needed to guide you to the answers and create a space to enjoy for years to come. I love being involved in the decision and guiding process by selecting beautiful fabrics and embellishments, designing and creating the treatments detailing all the elements, and installing the final project as it was made to fit the space. It brings me great satisfaction when our client’s eyes light up, seeing the results in real-life, in their home. It’s the hugs, the broad smiles, and giggles of excitement that have kept me in this business since 1986! I thrive on the challenge to come up with “Sensational Solutions” for each and every home with luxurious works of art that enhances the overall look and feel of the room. This Christmas, let us help you unwrap your own sense of style and uniqueness by giving your home the gift that can be enjoyed all year long…a true Gift of Home.