Inspiration has arrived.

Create a bold new look for your home with the infusion of patterns, textures and colours. Draperies and window treatments set the tone of a room. With the incorporation of vivid, yet artistic colours and patterns in the home, the fabrics and embellishments are making a statement. The key to any decorating venture is to strive for balance. Remember to be intentional so the patterns, colours or textures highlight the room without going overboard.

Trending Design Mixed with Classic Style.

As a dramatic style statement for your home, try using modern patterns to heighten the level of design. Choose patterns with classic taste, ones that boast a design that makes you smile. Limit the patterning to a few chosen pieces, turning to colour blocking to brighten the space. Solid, flowing draperies add dimension to the room, complementing the patterning of accessories or furniture.

Floral Designs and Textures.

There is no better way to refresh your spirit than by bringing colour into your home. Drapery fabrics in bright hues of sweeping floral prints can add just the right elements of style to makeover your space. Look to window treatments for the addition of natural textures – bamboos and woven woods – which provide a breezy charm.

Little embellishments go a long way.

To bring in the colours of dramatic styling, use the beautiful ‘extras’ available with your window treatments to highlight your space and complement your design choices. Banding on draperies can add dimension without distraction. Tassels display rich colours that coordinate with the colour combination featured in the room. Top treatments, such as cornices and valances, add depth to your window, allowing them to stand out for a bold, polished look.

Colours, textures and patterns.

These can add just the right elements of styling that your home needs for a refreshing change. Make the upcoming style trends your own by infusing elements that complement your home’s unique look with new draperies and window treatments. Spice things up by adding embellishments and top treatments for a dramatic designer look.

Article by Exciting Windows! and Wilma Kulyk
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