Room of the Month – February 2023

Feb 15, 2023

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The Client

– You know when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you have known them for years? That’s the kind of client Louise is.

– We immediately connected with inspiring ideas about what her new condo could look like, dreaming of what she always wanted, but never had. She had finally moved into her condo and wanted it to feel like her forever place.

– She had upgraded everything and wanted her window treatments to be the final finishing touch to all her well thought-out selections.

– After much thought and discussion, we left our first visit with the instructions to come up with something unique that no one else had and reflected her love for colour and bling.

The Challenge:

– Louise looked us up on google and said “the testimonials and reviews were all very positive and pictures of their work showed a lot of care. The most challenging window was my balcony door due to its location and need for privacy.”

– It faced her balcony neighbours and Louise wanted privacy while watching the TV on her days off without the sun’s glare off the lake.

– It was also important that her cats still be able to sit in the window sills to check out the action outside. She loved sheers and drapes but was never too crazy about blinds.

The Showroom Visit & Inspirtion:

– Louise immediately gravitated to the drapery styles and displays, appreciating the craftsmanship of custom as she grew up with her Mom sewing as well.

– When we showed her the fabrics we had selected and the combination of textures and colours, she fell in love with the designs.

– The traditional swags really spoke to Louise and the banding and beaded trim were the icing on the cake for her.

– Oh, how she could already start to visualize the final outcome with our simple sketches and ideas, fabrics and combinations laid out before her.

– Louise said, “ I was heard and understood, so much that the designs and samples were perfect. I got the exact balance of elegance and bling that I wanted.”

– She left the showroom that day feeling excited about what her condo was going to look like

The Anticipation:

– Like a child waiting for their birthday, Louise was delighted with every step of communication and photos sent her way showing the progress and some of the steps in creating the window treatments.

– It’s the details of all the pieces getting put together that make our creations glamorous. Knowing when the fabrics were shipped and when to expect delivery kept her excited for installation day.


Installation Day!

The Installation:

– Yay, it was finally here, the day we get to install what we’ve been planning and dreaming of:

  • It started with the HunterDouglas Pirouette Window Shades in a new blush colour with a remote control
  • Then we added the Pinch Pleated Blush coloured Sheers with sequins accents and embroidered detail.
  • Burgundy Bands and Black Fringe with a bordered trim complete the Opalescence Drapery Fabric on a motorized track so it’s easy to operate instead of climbing on or behind the sofa each time.
  • Burgundy Bands and Crystal Beaded Trim finish off the Swags and Jabots in a gorgeous Poppy Floral Fabric – the piece that started the inspiration.

Louise comments:

“I am living in my own palace, this is now my forever home. The attention to detail and thoroughness of designing makes Sensational SEAMS the absolute place to go to for any window covering. I feel like I am living in my own showroom. The elegance and beauty of my new window coverings blows me away every time I look at it.”


Words from Wilma:

– Oh, how pleasant and fun it is to be creative and work with a client that lets you design and expand your imagination to beautify their personal space.

– When working with a client that loves bold colours and appreciates the exploration of defined detail, the word “Luxury” immediately comes to mind.

– Tamara had the opportunity to be creative with her selections of fabrics and designs, along with Wilma’s expertise on balance, proportions and application.

– “Fun” does not even begin to describe the joy and pleasure we had working with Louise. It’s written all over her face and the video is a testament to her delight and endorsement.

– We are so blessed to have such “Sensational” clients like Louise, and develop friendships that are meaningful and memorable while creating spaces that give her pleasure, joy and pride every single day


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Watch us transform this home with luxury sheers, drapery, motorized blinds, pirouettes, and Hunter Douglas shades