All the Glory and Glam of Luxury Window Treatments

What do you think about when you think of Luxury Window Treatments?

1.   Is it the the softness of the fabric or details in the trims and bandings that add colour and interest for a gorgeous look and impact?  

2.  Does luxury mean “Bling” as in crystal rod ends and sparkling beads that provides the glam you long for? 

3.  Or is it the simplicity of not having to drive from store to store, bring home all kinds of samples that you thought would work, only to find out it’s another trip back to the store to find something else that you hope, this time, will work in your home?

4.  Do you want the same thing that your friends or neighbours have, would you rather have an attractive and distinguished look you dream of hanging on YOUR windows?

5.  Is “everyday normal” ok or do you desire something that is “specially suited to your taste”?

6.  How do you keep the views of your beautiful gardens or the children playing outdoors?

7.  What lining do your draperies need so the hot sun doesn’t deteriorate the beautiful fabric you selected, or do curtains even need to be lined?

8.  How do you keep the light from coming into the room so the baby (and Mom) can sleep?  How do you block all the light when those migraine headaches are too much to take?

9.  Who will figure out if this fabric matches that one, or what proportion the finished size

10. Maybe “Luxury Window Treatments” to you means not having to pick up a tool and climb on a ladder to put them up?

Let’s face it, there are so many decisions to be made.  Window Treatments and Interior Designing are definitely an investment in your home, and one that will be enjoyed for many years to come, so you don’t want to make a costly mistake.  We can give you the personalized service you crave for and help by taking the stress out of all these questions.  Our expertise is helping you make the right decisions with our tried and true processes.  You will leave with a feeling of confidence, excited for what is about to come, knowing your selections will make a warm and inviting impact for your family and all who enter your home.

Article by Exciting Windows! and Wilma Kulyk
Sensational SEAMS