Room of the Month – April 2023 

Apr 21, 2023


The Client

– This Month’s client is my niece, Marilyn. She watched me sew my wedding dress and all the bridesmaid
dresses for our wedding, as well as her flower-girl dress. At the age of 4 years old, she asked me if I would
sew her wedding dress one day.

– Over the years, she has watched me sew many drapes
and valances and custom bedding for my clients, so when
the opportunity came to do her dream bedroom, I jumped
all over it.

The Inspiration:

– Marilyn has become a great photographer and had a beautiful photo of a swan that has special meaning to her. 
She had her photo made into a wallpaper mural and that began the selection of black and white fabrics that reflected the grace and beauty of the swan

The Challenge :

– Creating custom bedding is one of my favourite things to do, because there are so many pieces to the ensemble and lots of opportunity for a variety of fabric selections. 

– Marilyn said she only wanted the duvet cover and no bedskirt because she always hated how bedskirts dragged on the floor and moved every time she had to make up her bed (she hates making her bed and prefers to just close the door instead). 

– It took some doing to convince her to trust me and I will make it great for her. I said that she couldn’t have a whole custom bed ensemble from her Aunt Wilma without a bedskirt.

Marilyn’s comments:

– “My bedroom truly interprets my personality, going from the love of the outdoors, my swan photo on the wall, to classy black and white. I was completely overwhelmed and in awe that my vision came to reality.”

The Showroom Visit :

– Marilyn and her Mom, Helen came to select fabrics in the Showroom, after looking through the books, she found a fabric she fell in love with, and before we knew it, we had eight different fabrics pulled together to create the perfect compliment to her desired swan photo.

– Since Helen had worked with me many years ago, she offered to help come and cut and sew the bed ensemble pieces together, and create a whole new valance for the bedroom as well.


The Installation:

– When installation day came, Marilyn was so eager to see the finished pieces. We loaded everything into the room and then I “Kicked her Out” (…all in good humour!) so she could see the full reveal all at once.

– That was probably the hardest thing for Marilyn as she wanted to stay to see everything and be part of the process.

The Solutions:

Marilyn enjoys a bedroom with a classy & sassy look:

  • A Reversible Duvet Cover
  • Three Reversible Cushions in place of a headboard
  • A Reversible Body Pillow
  • A Bedskirt that does not move or drag on the floor with Contrast Inverts
  • Two Gorgeous Throws made out of faux fur
  • Even a Custom Throw for her dog Marley
  • Closet Panels to match
  • Soft Top Valance with Inverts & Trim

Marilyn comments:

– “Being kicked out of my room was hard but worth the wait. I loved the reveal at the end, seeing all the bits and pieces come together….and so this is what a bedskirt is supposed to look like. Marley and I are like Queens now. The white fur throw is the icing on the cake! Gorgeous, it’s beautiful, job well done.”

Words from Wilma

– When Marilyn had the wall mural up and she showed it to me, she was filled with so much pride and gratification. It was so great to see Marilyn sign her swan wall mural…knowing how special that was to her.

– Putting together a bedroom that reflects her personality with a classy & sassy look fits her to a T. Working on this project with Helen was fun, just like old times, and installing it always puts everything into perspective.

– It’s funny how Marilyn now makes up her bed every morning and the bedroom door is never closed anymore. She gives so much of herself to others, it was an honour to do something special back for her in return.


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