100 Years & Mother’s Day

Isn’t it a wonder – 100 years of our beautiful Community Hall, right here in Newcastle?  The building boasts great architectural features, years of celebrations, parties and events, even our own wedding reception.

We also think of another one of the most celebrated and touching times of the year – Mother’s Day!  It’s a day that is celebrated all over the world.  It’s a day that millions of telephone calls are made and over 150 million Mother’s Day cards are sent to Moms, Aunts, Grandmothers and Best Friends.  Mothers are the ones who care and nurture us from the beginning, encouraging, disciplining, leading by example and lovingly embracing us in good and bad times, always standing by our side.  

It’s quite a coincidence that personally, I anticipate my Mom turning 100 years old this summer as well.  How times have changed over the years, in our lives, in our homes, in our decorating.  My Mom was very influential in decorating her homes, always looking for something different, always thinking outside the box and bringing the unexpected into her haven called “home”.  When I think back over the years, the wallpaper, the shag carpet, the furniture styles, the avocado and harvest gold coloured appliances, the bold flowers and purple colours and textures that were so relevant in all the eras, one thing always remained constant – the passion and personality that reflected my Mom.  

Mother’s Day is a special time of year.  I always make it a point to tell her how special she is and what her greatest attributes are to me and my family and our lives.  It’s no good to say all those things infant of a crowd of mourners when it’s too late.  Telling her now helps us reflect on great memories and experiences we lived through, funny stories and exciting adventures we went on.  Looking back on photos with the hair styles, clothing fashions, home furnishings and drapes make me smile, and it all comes back around in new and refreshing ways.  Strive to be memorable in your home, in your life, in the most precious people around you.  Tell them you love them, it’s never too late. And as Kenny Chesney sings, “Trust me friend, a hundred years goes faster than you think, so don’t blink”.

By Wilma Kulyk
Sensational SEAMS