Room of the Month – August 2023 

Sep 6, 2023


Embarking on a journey to revamp an master bedroom into office space, I had the pleasure of working closely with Adam to bring his vision to life. With an eye for detail, and pursuit of top-notched quality, we worked on transforming his workspace through drapery.

–  Adam’s quest for excellence began with his choice of motorized drapery, leading us to select a sleek gold rod that beautifully complemented the intricate embroidery of the statement fabric he had chosen.

– His initial description of the space and its purpose guided our decisions. He sought a solution that not only added a touch of sophistication but also addressed practical concerns.

– The challenge was to tackle the issue of excessive sunlight that flooded the room, disrupting Adam’s work, pool, and movie-watching sessions. To address this, we opted for drapery that could effectively darken the room at any time of day.

Another interesting facet of the project was Adam’s desire to seamlessly integrate a closet into the room, almost making it disappear into the wall.

– To achieve this effect, we carefully selected a minimal black fabric and an understated rod. The result was a clever disguise that effortlessly concealed what lay behind.

The Consultation:

– Collaboration was key throughout the process. Adam’s engagement soared as he visited our showroom carefully validating our choices and design approach before giving the green light to the final order.

– His attention to detail ensured that the transformation aligned perfectly with his vision.

Creating the Solutions:

– Intricate finishing touches completed the project. We opted for a loop fringe that accented the gold elements that had been selected throughout, using it to surround cushions and enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.

– This attention to detail became the icing on the cake to finalize and exceed Adam’s expectations and vision for the project.

Words from Tamara:

– Working with Adam was an absolute pleasure. His passion for creating a truly unique space, combined with his willingness to explore creative solution made the project a rewarding experience.

– The result is an office transformation that merges functionality with style, allowing Adam to work efficiently and enjoy his movie marathons without compromise.  We wish you most success in your future endeavours!