Room of the Month – September 2023 

Sep 29, 2023


“I love it, it truly is my dream come true, it’s everything that I wanted and more! Waking up in the morning, I get to see my beautiful draperies and my gorgeous, gorgeous headboard, oh my! its so stunning, I just love it! My gorgeous wall mural, and the headboard, and the pillows, it really is my dream princess room, everything goes together and it’s so calming and serene and peaceful, it is my sanctuary and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

–  Working together with Cindy is such a blast!  After designing draperies for her Living Room, Cindy called me back to continue transforming her home, now working on her Master Bedroom. 

– “I wasn’t peaceful in my room, it definitely wasn’t the oasis that I’ve always dreamt of, we had the wrong colour paint on the wall, nothing matched, and everything was just helter-skelter.”

–  The project began when Cindy told me she wanted to add wall paper as an accent wall in her room.  I loved the idea! What she had in mind was a floral wallpaper, with tones of pinks, purples, something soft and that would tie in the pink tulip curtain piece she had as a skirting on a piece of furniture in the room. 

– I showed up with a few ‘traditional floral wallpaper’ prints that would work great in the space.  I also came up with a beautiful 3D like wall mural that showed realism florals which stood out on a black background, truly a statement piece to throw in a little twist to set the space off.


– After sleeping on it, Cindy thought the black mural might be too dark for the space, wanting to lighten things up, I went back to the drawing board and found a few more options.




– “Tamara showed me a couple murals that I really liked, that had purple in it and some wording, but this one just spoke to me, as if it were saying “I’m here, you just have to put me on the wall” and from the little photo on her iPad to what now is on my wall is just like WOW, yes!

– With having an adjustable bed, Cindy was having trouble finding the right headboard as she was told not many would work so we started bouncing ideas.

– “…I think the only ones I saw were grey when I had a pink headboard in mind.Tamara chimed in and said well, we can make you one, and it’s like ohh?? SoTamara grabbed a couple fabrics and ah-ha! Fuschia! I would have never guessed I’d pick fuschia but oh my gosh it is stunning”

It all fell into place. We tied the fuscia velvet it into the valance over then patio doors, and made some coordinating pillows. Knowing Cindy is all about the bling, I knew ordinary buttons just wouldn’t do. “Tamara suggested hey, we can do Swarovski crystal buttons, and it’s like, of course we can! Let’s do that too! Because I knew I wanted a tufted headboard, and with the crystal chandelier, it tied in nicely, giving a pop to each of the tufts on it as well.”

– The last piece of the puzzle was the end tables. We didn’t want to cover up the wall mural and the storage space wasn’t needed.  “With the adjustable bed, I had a hard time finding a side table that was tall enough to see my alarm clock while laying in bedTamara suggested floating shelves because I couldn’t find what I wanted.Tamara to the rescue again, she came over with a few options and we picked from there, she even installed them for me at the perfect height.”


– We selected a nice soft cream white fabric for thedrapes and valance, going with the bling theme, the fabric features a beautiful silver embroidery pattern, it was all coming together. It was important to Cindy to keep her sheers in the window, a heirloom that was brought from Holland, passed on from her mother, keeping a piece of heritage and sentiment in the space.

“I’m pretty sure I was speechless once I saw it all, through the process, you see swatches and little bits, but then to see it all come together the way that it did, wow, you truly understood my wants and needs, even the rod with the crystal finials on the ends, you tied it all together with my existing duvet, lamps, and furnishings. I like that I didn’t have to change all my furniture to match what you were doing, you took what I had and built my room from there.”

Words from Cindy:

-Tamara, you definitely go above and beyond the call of duty!  The thing I love most is that you HEAR me, you don’t listen, you hear me and understood what I was trying to say even when I couldn’t say anything.

– This was a collaborative effort, bringing the vision to life, and I get to live it every day.  You have brought “me” throughout my home, reflecting my character.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my house a home.