A Heart Of Gratitude – “SEAMS To ME”

1. Thankful Pumpkin: 

We have “sew” much to be thankful for.

We appreciate your business and really enjoyed working with you.

Why not start a new tradition this year. When you get together for Thanksgiving dinner, bring along a “Thankful Pumpkin” and a marker, and have everyone write on it what they are thankful for. It’s a fun and quick activity, one that will inspire great conversation and give everyone a chance to reflection on what we have been blessed with.

2. Harvest Festival Newcastle

Harvest Festival this weekend – Saturday, Oct 7 from 9AM – 3PM

Visit us inside the Community Centre to see what is new and enter our draw for $500 towards your Custom Window Treatment Purchase

3. Pumpkin Squares

I never liked Pumpkin Pie, but these Pumpkin Squares are THE BEST!

Click here FOR RECIPE

4. Something to Ponder …

5. Fun with the Family

One of my favourite all outdoor educational activities for kids is this tree-leaf fun matching game. All you have to do is gather a variety of leaves from your local park or neighborhood. Challenge the kids to see how many different shapes and sizes of leaves they can find. Once you have a variety, it’s up to the kids to match the leaf with the type of tree it came from. Have the kids look at the leaves that are still on the trees and match the shapes. For extra credit, have them identify the tree species by using a local field guide or nature book.