Room of the Month – October 2023 

Oct 27, 2023


Do you have an Unused Bedroom that would make a great Guest Room Retreat?

–  Fall brings change, and just like our Canadian Seasons, many areas of our homes can go through changes and seasons too.

Are you left with a room that once occupied kids that have gone off to University or College, or are now married and out of the house?  It can be a time of rejuvenation and welcomed remodelling.

There are many uses for a spare bedroom, as we have seen in previous “Room of the Month” features, from offices, to games rooms, to nanny suites, we can all think of a better use for our space.

 Maybe it’s a time for inviting family and friends over for the weekend, and a nice Guest Room would be the perfect solution. 

Maybe an opportunity for you to take all that paperwork out of the kitchen and create an office of your own. 

Overflowing boxes and bookcase can be turned into a well-deserved library and quiet space for reading. 

You can re-claim your dining room table that once was your sewing area into a proper sewing room that you can close the door behind you and not have to clean up all the pieces just before supper.  Do these sound familiar?  The options are numerous.  

– At one point or another, we may have experienced one or all of these dilemmas in our home. 

Jamie and I chose to turn our space into a Guest Room.  Custom Window Treatments filtered light, added privacy, and even darkened our space for the sleeping comfort of our guest.  Silhouette A Deux shades controlled with a remote allows for UV protection and view during the day, and a separate room darkening liner that can be lowered in the evening for an extra long sleep in the morning.  Crushed Velvet Side Panels and Contemporary Tassels bring a whimsical feel to the room while closing in the light gaps on the sides of the windows.

– In this room, a new wall colour changed the space immediately, and a custom headboard and spread changed the old lumpy comforter into an inviting space with fresh bedding, shams that added that pop of colour. 

– I wanted to make a bedskirt, and always loved the effect of a beautiful banding along the bottom.  Now I can hide the storage boxes below. 

– The Custom Headboard combines fabrics of lush velvet, smooth leather and braided piping.  A simple throw keeps things light and inviting, while the shams add splashes of colour and pattern.

– Details with embellishments of hardware and trims on the drapery turned ordinary into WOW!  “I love leaving the door open to let the sunlight flood into our hallway.”

Let us help you redesign your space into something you always wished for and now have the opportunity to accomplish. 

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