Room of the Month – February 2024

Feb 29, 2024

What a pleasure to work in this beautiful Brooklin home. We are delighted to have been sought out by designer Jill from Sparrow Lane Interiors, to provide window treatments for this renovation project.

The Family Room – a beautiful, cozy place to gather. Doesn’t this room say, “Come on in, sit down, relax and tell me all about your day?” The window treatments contribute to shaping the atmosphere, with their gorgeous coordinating fabric selections seamlessly blending and tying in with the design features.

  • These modern euro pleats are a great way to top off the panels!  They give these tall drapery height to the room and allow the panels to hang nicely in their pleat.
  • With mounting the curtain panels slightly on the wall, it maximizes the amount of light exposure and creates a lovely, unobstructed view. 
  • To add privacy and a cozy feel, we made these drapery panels have the ability to close fully.  With the added material to draw across and cover the window, it gives a nice fullness to frame the windows when the curtains are open.
  • We love the added character that these arched windows bring to the space. Not all arches need to be mimicked with the curved shape.  With mounting the drapery closer to the ceiling, it draws your eyes up, elevating the space and giving a special focus to those beautiful arches.
  • We love how the family room flows into the kitchen. The fabrics chosen for each of these spaces complement one another exceptionally well while giving special interest to define each space.
  • A simple statement is achieved with these Faux Roman Valances, adding a pop of pattern and design while still leaving eye level clear to the yard. This allows the homeowner to easily see outside while preparing in the kitchen.
  • The Heart of the Home – A stunning kitchen carrying the Faux Roman Valances throughout the room keeps consistency within the space, following the monochromatic colour pallet and duplicated colours within the countertop veining and backsplash tile.

  • These Roman Valances mirror one another at the corner windows, and draw your eye across for the expansive view, a classy way to finish off the space

We enjoyed collaborating on this project with the designer and client, bringing ideas and possibilities to reality and adding the final touches through window treatments. Enhancing a space like this truly makes the home feel warm and cozy. We are delighted to have met and exceeded both Michelle and Rob’s expectations. This home has a fantastic flow and we look forward to featuring two more rooms in an upcoming “Room of the Month” feature.