We are so excited to introduce our new website. We have captured the best of the best and we are thrilled to continue our business of 38 years with Tamara.

Jamie continues to be our Master Installer, with certifications skills as a Drapery, PowerViewPro, Shutter, and all things Window Treatment Installer. He also is a Master Electrician and Millwright from his previous work at General Motors in Oshawa. You can find Jamie tinkering in his shop that is stocked and loaded with every possible tool available, working on his own creations with steel and wood. He is excited to have a new hip, giving him the ability to be much more mobile, with another new hip scheduled for June.

Tamara continues to work with our clients with her enthusiastic character and incredible design ideas and creative talents. She has a passion for the drapery business, working with our clients to help solve window treatment functions and design challenges. She plans to take our business into the next decade. In her off hours, it is not uncommon for her to take on her own projects, designing and building chicken coops, custom cabinetry, and coming up with ideas to put her signature style on their own home. She is not afraid to use chainsaws and skillsaws, and is always ready to tackle any project.

I still love meeting with clients in our Showroom and in their homes. My passion is to design and create a new look for every project. I love working through ideas with Tamara, capturing her fresh vision and combining it with our clients needs. I work “behind the seams” sewing and working with our team of ladies to make sure the project is created exactly like we envisioned. I also love working with our graphic design team and photographers. I am blessed to still be able to visit with my Mom who turned 100 in August of 2023. Life is difficult for her with good and bad days. We are grateful for her visitors caregivers. She still surprises me when she asks me, “how is business”.

Please continue to spread the word. Our business is only as strong as you make it with your continued reviews and referrals. We appreciate our dedicated clients and can’t wait to work with more people just like you. We are excited to be working in the outdoors this year with outdoor screen shades. So if you know anyone who is looking for window treatments, consisting of Drapery, Motorization, shades and shutters, please let them know about us.

Many thanks to Steve – My nephew who is a fantastic website designer with so many creative ideas. My good friend from Photoclub and my niece are amazing photographers who came to spend a day having a lot of fun and taking new photos. The new Sensational SEAMS Website consist of some of our prized work and we can’t wait to share many more features of the treatments we have created for our clients homes in the “Room of the Month” posts to follow.