Room of the Month – April 2024

Apr 27, 2024

So excited to showcase this beautiful Brooklin home again. We are delighted to have been sought out by designer Jill from Sparrow Lane Interiors, to provide window treatments for this renovation project for the Living and Dining Room spaces. We carried the theme from the Family Room into these beautiful living and entertaining areas.

Gorgeous views to the outside of the home with drapery pulled open still clones the architectural features from the builder with wide-open and un-obstructed views.

Client can enjoy full privacy when needed by pulling the drapery closed or add warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer months ahead.

Modern Euro Pleat Style Headings gives these tall drapery height to the room and consistency with the Family Room Drapery.

Specialty Hardware fits Corners and Angles for complete customization.

Stacking Details and Pleating gives the room a cozy corner to curl up and read or enjoy conversation while letting the light in from outside.
We love the wide open space to the second floor, and these sheers give the grand illusion of height and space. Both photos duplicates pleat style and hardware from the Living Room area. This semi-sheer fabric still lets in the light while blocking the home next door.
It’s such a great feeling to come in with all our tools, ladders, HunterDouglas boxes and Sensational SEAMS drapery bags full of products just waiting to be mounted and hung in the spots they were designed for.
We take extra care when we do the measurements, calculating and sewing so that everything lines up perfectly on Install Day. The bay windows are tricky, and years of experience helps us as installers to get the angles and measurements just right when mounting the decorative hardware. Tall windows need tall ladders and we get one chance to mount the brackets in the exact spot so the drapery ends at the perfect height. It’s so rewarding to stand back and see the finished treatment! Rob and Michelle could see that too in the end results.
  • Limitless Opportunities -When it comes to window treatments for vaulted ceilings, the options are as limitless as your imagination. Imagine elegant floor-to-ceiling curtains that enhance the verticality of the windows, pooling gracefully on the floor for a dramatic effect. Alternatively, sleek and modern blinds can be motorized for convenient light control, seamlessly blending functionality with style.
  • You could describe bay windows as architectural gems that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home but also provide unique opportunities for creative window treatments.

But this is not the end, we have one more feature of two more rooms to show you….stay tuned.