Room of the Month – May 2024

May 23, 2024

Peter & Jennie lived beside the school in Bowmanville where I attended from Grade 1-8, and we attend the same church.

Jennie also worked for my Dad who started Carnation Flower Shop, and taught her how to arrange flowers in a vase.

They invited us to create custom drapery for their home many years ago, and when they decided to sell their home and move…

Peter said to Jennie, “Let’s leave these draperies and get Wilma to make us all new stuff for our new place”.

When they moved in, Jennie noticed how the glass from the windows felt cold from the winter season and needed something to insulate the windows.

She also mentioned, “the room is echoing and needs curtains”.

They still loved the custom bedding we made and wanted to take that with them to use again.

Peter & Jennie are very handy and creative people. So creating something different than what they always had was a welcoming challenge for me.

They both love fine work and details, so we designed treatments for the main Living Room with embroidered fabrics, wood decorative rods and a subtle metallic fabric for the roman shade valance.

Now the furniture is UV protected with HunterDouglas Silhouette Shades with the convenience of the remote control for the triple windows on the Patio Doors.

Banded trim embellishments set off the drapery and valance style in the bedroom that co-ordinates with their bedding that still looks brand new.

Great precision and detail on the banding for the drapery and valances to make sure everything lines up from valance to side panels and corner mitering

Two fabrics and hardware for the Den keep things light and fashionable.  Remote controlled HunterDouglas Silhouette shades are both Canadian Standards Safe and Convenient.

A separate room-darkening liner for those hard-to-reach places in the Den and Bedroom provide extra light control

In 1999 we were invited to create window treatments for their home where they raised their family, and now, 25 years later, we were called back to create a space for their new condo.  

Peter & Jennie loved the effect that the beautiful fabrics and shades made to their new surroundings, and the remotes were so easy for them to operate the shades.  

It was important for them to keep the furniture that they loved, and it’s such a privilege to be trusted and warmly welcomed in to design window treatments that enhance their new home.

Always a pleasure – I’m always thankful and blessed!