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At Sensational SEAMS we know that window coverings are a room’s personality. The right style can tie together your home and make it feel cozy, warm or elegant – but how do you know which ones will work best? Well we have you covered! We are a local family based business with over 36+ years of experience and provide full services from start to finish, including in-home consultations, measurements, product selection assistance, and installation. We are a team of professionally-trained consultants who are detail-oriented and dedicated to providing high quality products and services. In addition, we have a showroom where you can touch and see the products for yourself so that you can make the best decision for your needs. 

At Sensational SEAMS, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service. We are your destination for all things window treatments! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Meet Our Designers

The designers in Sensational SEAMS are some of the best and most experienced in the industry. Schedule an appointment to have a designer come to your home to select the perfect window treatments right in the very rooms you are decorating. Find out more about our specialists and view their individual portfolios below.


Wilma started the business in 1986 and has always been the face of Sensational SEAMS. Throughout the years family has joined in supporting her through the business by ways of marketing, production, sales and installation. As roles have come and gone, Wilma has been a timeless cornerstone for Sensational SEAMS. She is an incredible lady and has been an inspiration to many with what she has accomplished. She strives to always improve her designs and ideas for her clients, never doing the same thing twice. Wilma has entered her designs in many competitions and has won many awards for her ideas and styles. Through joining Exciting Windows!, Wilma has been able to elevate her business and what she can bring to the table for her clients. Including the 4-way guarantee. Through Exciting Windows! Wilma has been awarded as sales leader of the year, business of the year, and various awards for her designs. Wilma continues to excel and lead the business and her team. She is excited for the return of Tamara and impressed to see the development and ambition she carries. Wilma is honoured that Tamara wants to continue to be a part of the family business and has high hopes to transition to take over the business.


Tamara was raised in the business. I started sewing at a young age and grew up starting with organizing colours and spools of thread to installing window treatments and soon thereafter helping clients with product selection and sales. All throughout school I was always challenged by sales with chocolate bars, books, etc with all the school fundraisers and often was top in sales for my class and school. Following high school, I ventured off to college and after a semester, returned home to join the family business. I went alongside Wilma to my first Exciting Windows! conference where I took the 7-step sales training course and flourished from there. Returning from Washington, I spent a number of years working alongside Wilma doing sales and consultations with clients. They all loved me and the designs I brought forth to the table. 4 years later, I decided to venture to Alberta and spread my wings. I started off bartending, worked in a feedlot and soon after, found myself working in Lethbridge in the Real Estate industry. I worked as a buyer’s agent at first once I got my license and soon after was running on my own selling real estate. I was licensed as a Realtor for 4 years and loved it. The ability to meet new clients and work to find the right fit in a home for them. After 6 years of adventures in Alberta, I decided to return home to Ontario, with the opportunity to be closer to family and build deeper relationships with those close to my heart. I feel that my time in Alberta has been a great opportunity to grow my skills independently and further learn the art of sales and develop my ability to service clients. Since my return, I have been spending a vast majority of time in the Campbellford area and am excited to bring our services and expertise to a new community.


Jamie has always been a incredible support, and cheerleader to the business. He often does all of our installs and has throughout the years. As the business developed, and family grew, Jamie was a incredible support and help in taking care of and raising the kids so Wilma could meet with clients in the evenings. Jamie worked at General Motors and is a Master Electrician and Licensed Millwright. Through programming robots as a electrician at GM, this has prepared and enabled him to flourish with the automation end of blinds and drapery. With the development of products, Jamie has always been on top of the trends within knowledge of hard wired operations, remote controls, and with recent development for mobile control through your cell phone and tablet including integrations and controls from near and far, whether you’re at home or on vacation, your shades are able to be programmed and controlled with the click of a button. Jamie has been to many Hunter Douglas installation trainings and has been a certified pro installer for many years. He has been to Colorado for Hunter Douglas installation training, and has further developed his training to diagnose and repair many of the shades on site. This has enabled us to further service our clients and products in a more timely manner to suit their lifestyle.

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